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Interior design

The interior of a DS was always designed for comfort. The thick carpet, the exclusive materials and the large window areas should offer the owner more than just a seat. He should feel the maximum comfort when traveling.

We have refined this approach even further. The noise insulation in the interior has been improved and our customer is free to choose the interior materials: Fabric, leather, noble synthetic materials - there are many possibilities. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from.

Leather - you will love it

In former times only about 10% of all Citroën DS had a leather interior. Today many classic car lovers treat themselves to the exclusivity of this material. Almost all our vehicles are ordered with leather. The original plastic dashboard is also covered with leather. The quality and color of the leather, everyone can choose from a large sample palette. On exclusive quilting and decorative seams are possible.

Like new

All foams, carpets and insulation materials are new. This ensures that the smells of an old car are eliminated. The car smells and feels like a new car.