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What is actually meant by a restoration? There is no clear definition here, because the condition of the vehicles can vary greatly, just like the own claim. One only repairs rusted areas, the other dismantles and overhauls the whole vehicle.

Before you restore a vehicle, you have to ask yourself a question: What do I restore the vehicle for? Do I want to preserve a 60-year-old vehicle for the museum as a contemporary witness? Then it is important to leave materials and bodywork as original as possible. The primary task of the restoration company is then to remove rust, kill mould in the carpet and foam and keep the technology running. Such vehicles are usually hardly ever driven by their owners and sooner or later end up in a museum.

The second option is to dismantle the entire body down to the last screw. To remove paint from everything and rebuild everything after replacing rust infested metal sheets. Of course, the technical side is renewed just as carefully. This way, a vehicle is created that is in no way inferior to the condition of the 1970 car.

Rust protection & insulation

In the 60-70's, not much attention was paid to rust protection and insulation of the sheets against resonances. Our vehicles meet modern requirements in this area. All metal sheets are painted. Cavities are carefully treated with rust protection. On request, we can provide the vehicle parts with a KTL coating, which is very corrosion-resistant and resistant to acids and alkalis.

To increase the driving comfort, doors and the sheet metal to the engine are equipped with anti-drumming material. Thus, every vehicle is optimally prepared for the next 60 years.

With a restoration, you practically get a new vehicle

Your restored car handles, smells and looks like a new vehicle. The customer also has the freedom to realize his own wishes. You can decide the colour, the interior, the engine and also the accessories of your Citroën DS. The result is a DS, just the way you want it to be.

Karl's Autowerkstatt has restored over 150 vehicles in the last 20 years. And as different as the quality of the vehicles were the wishes of our customers.

Let us advise you. We can certainly fulfill your dream DS.