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Citroën DS

The extravagant body shape of the Citroën DS enabled impressive performance and fuel consumption figures due to its good aerodynamics. In a recent survey of car designers, the Citroën DS was voted one of the most innovative and beautiful top designs, even 60 years after its debut.

Henri Chapron immediately fell in love with the car and from 1960 onwards converted the saloons into convertibles and coupes. Later, even the Citroën factory had the convertibles converted by him. Unfortunately, there are only a little less than 1400 pieces worldwide, many of which have been lost in the last 60 years.

To maintain this exclusivity of the Citroën DS for its enthusiasts, even to improve it, is the basis of our manufacture. Oldtimer restorations are in many areas above all a question of experience.

In order not to let this heritage die, we started 20 years ago to systematically rebuild original vehicles. We have analysed the original Chapron vehicles and plans, procured his original tools and improved the vehicles to bring the history back to life.

Today we can proudly say that our restorations and rebuilds are certainly among the best in the world. In doing so, we are fully responsive to the wishes of our customers. Whoever wants a 100% original restoration is just as right with us as someone who prefers to equip his car with individual detail changes.

Height adjustable

A lot of things were innovative on the DS and some of them are still innovative today. The hydraulic suspension is certainly one of the highlights. How the vehicle can adjust its height is unique in car construction.

When not in use, the car literally lies on the ground. When the engine is started, the DS rises. The height is maintained regardless of the load. You can even drive up extra, for example to overcome obstacles in rough terrain.

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