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In October 1955 Citroën presented a vehicle revolution. A vehicle in a design that the world had never seen before. In a recent survey of car designers, the car was voted one of the most innovative and beautiful top designs, even 60 years after its debut.

Henri Chapron immediately fell in love with the car and, from 1960, converted the limousines into convertibles and coupes. Later even the Citroën factory, at his place, had the convertibles converted. Unfortunately, there are only a little less than 1400 pieces worldwide. Many have been lost in the last 60 years.

In order not to let this heritage die, we started 20 years ago to systematically rebuild original vehicles. We analyzed the original Chapron vehicles and plans, got his original tools and systematically improved the vehicles without changing anything on the appearance.

Today we can proudly say that our restorations and rebuilds are certainly among the best in the world. In doing so, we are fully responsive to the wishes of our customers. Whoever wants a 100% original restoration is just as right with us as someone who prefers to equip his car with individual detail changes.

A body will be made fit for the next 60 years.

The conversion of a convertible is more than just cutting off the roof. The stability of the whole construction can be endangered if it is not reinforced properly. For this purpose, many sheets of metal are re-welded in the floor assembly and the windscreen frame. For this purpose, the vehicles must be completely disassembled, and the body must be stripped of paint.

Chapron has developed important guidelines here, which we have further improved.

The body of a convertible was always by heart. That is why, as early as the 60s and 70s, interested customers had to pay almost twice as much for a convertible as for a limousine. Unfortunately, this has not changed until today.

In the restoration and rebuilding we put in about 1400 hours of work. Because the quality and every detail should be right.