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Whenever we restore a vehicle, it always starts with the complete disassembly and removal of the paint. This is the only way to determine the real substance of the bodywork. From here the actual restoration process starts. We exchange complete rusty sheets of metal. For convertibles, the complete change of the frame structure and the rear end is done.

Our chassis have a much higher stiffness than the original vehicles of the 60s and 70s. In the floor area, we lay out the reinforcements carried out by Chapron Cabrios, additionally up to 60% stronger. In this way we give the vehicle frame more stability. The body work on the vehicles is of course TÜV tested and certified.

The boot lid of the convertibles used to be made of fibreglass. This material is very soft and does not give the lid any particular stability. We manufacture our new boot lid from carbon fibre, because the material is much lighter and much more dimensionally stable. Chapron would certainly have used carbon fibre, if it had been available at the time. After painting, you won't notice any difference on the surface. You only notice it when you open the lid. It's much lighter and more torsion-resistant.


The paint of a vehicle literally reflects the quality of the bodywork. At the same time, it is also an individual expression of the owner.

The painting of a vehicle takes 4-6 weeks with the different steps of rust prevention and priming. The vehicle is sanded and painted several times by hand until the paint shines perfectly. You have the free choice - simply choose the color that you personally like. We carry it out perfectly.

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