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Henri Chapron Series 2

Henri Chapron was one of the most famous French vehicle manufacturers of the 20th century. He was famous for some of the most elegant and classic designs in automotive history. When Citroen introduced the D models, Henri Chapron immediately recognised their potential. In 1958 he showed a prototype of the first convertible based on a Citroen D-Model the Paris Auto Show.

Even today, the convertible is still the most sought-after version of the D models. As a Hommage to the legacy of Henri Chapron, Citroën DS Manufaktur and Noelle Chapron present the production of the Citroën DS "Series 2" with a four-seater convertible/coupé.

Citroën and Henri Chapron

The first four-seater convertible coupe built by Henri Chapron based on the ID/DS chassis attracted the attention not only of well-to-do customers but also of Citroën.

Impressed by Chapron's design, Citroën asked him to build a series of cabriolets, the "Cabriolet de Série". Scaling up the production and guaranteeing high quality standards took a careful setup. After two years the first Cabriolet DS 19 "De Serie" could be ordered by customers directly from the Citroën dealers. The cooperation lasted over ten years. For almost 5 years after that time, Henri Chapron continued to build and sell the Citroën DS cabriolet de Série.

Highest Quality

The "Series 2" vehicles are based on the Henri Chapron design. Although each vehicle is almost completely rebuilt, the original year of construction and historical status will be preserved. Customers have the option to choose between vehicles built from 1960 to 1975.

The close cooperation with the TÜV guarantees not only a visually outstanding cabriolet, but also a tested, reliable technical quality vehicle.

Exclusive Choice

Henri Chapron was famous for making customer dreams come true. That is why our customers also have the possibility to put together their own individual piece. They have the choice of model, vintage, circuit, color, different interior materials and accessories. Noëlle Chapron and her team regularly check the quality of the vehicles before they are delivered to the customer.

Henri Chapron Series 2 - with exclusive certificate

Each "Henri Chapron Series 2" convertible coupe, has a unique production number and comes with a limited series numbered emblem identical to the original ones. Each cabriolet Henri Chapron Series 2 will be registered in the original Henri Chapron order book. It comes with a certificate to attest of the authenticity of the vehicle.