Henri Chapron Serie 2 - No.6671


Year of manufacture: 1969
Engine: 2,1 L
Transmission: manuel
Exterior color: Bicolor bleu
Interior color: Leather safran yellow

More about Henri Chapron Serie 2 - No.6671:

Henri Chapron has made with the "Caddy" a special version of his convertibles.The main feature is the modified rear. The rear section is longer, the rear seat are shorter and the result is a 2+2 seater. The windscreen is shortened by 50mm. This also lowers the closed roof, without being uncomfortable. The car looks more stretched, sporty and elegant in appearance.

The paint colour was mixed especially for this vehicle and is unique in the two-colour combination: "Bleu polaire glace" and the Citroen colour "Bleu d'Orient". Soft, saffron yellow leather creates a comfortable and pleasant interior. The overall impression is rounded off by the classic Jaeger instruments and round headrests. The rare Rotbergel hubcaps underline the unique appearance.

The construction of this vehicle is complex and limited to a number of 5 units.

The car is being sold privately for 215.000 €

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